Antonio Carraro is a historic Italian corporation located in Campodarsego, Padua, Veneto region. Founded by Giovanni Carraro in 1910, it is a worldwide leader in producing compact tractors for specialized agriculture and civil maintenance.

tr 7600 infinity


75 HP


Kohler – Turbo STAGE 5 – 4 cyl – 16V – 2482 cc



Weight (KG)

2205÷2315 rollbar- 2365÷2475 cab

Capacity (KG)

2400 Kg


TR 7600 Infinity

Reversibie with hybrid transmission

TR 7600 Infinity is the isodiametric tractor by Antonio Carraro with hybrid mechanical/hydrostatic transmission, designed for specialized agriculture, road maintenance and green care. It can also be used for vineyards and orchards, haymaking, earthmoving, road cleaning, banks and slopes. The 74 hp (2482 cc), 4 cylinders engine propels the tractor up to 40 km/h, assisted by the hydrostatic transmission Infinity in both directions of travel, with two mechanical ranges – 3 speeds each, shiftable while in action with no loss of traction.

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