Agrowplow is a leading Australian manufacturer of direct drill seeders and deep rippers. Our innovative, robust farm implements have been used by soil-conscious farmers to improve productivity and deliver greater yields for over thirty years.

AD083 Seed Drill


Built from 100x100x6mm RHS steel, the fully welded frame has been designed to have the strength and the weight to outlast and outperform in any condition.

Row Spacings : 175mm, 159mm or 150mm

Working Width  1.75m or 2.7m

Capacity  245L or 407L

Undercarriage  425 Coil Tyne or401 Double Disc Unit 

AD140 Direct Drill


Enhance your pasture renovation with Agrowplow’s reliable drive system, heavy-duty frame, and the tools you need to sow a better crop.

Row Spacings  150mm

Capacity  185L up to 385L

Working Width  From 1.5m to 3m

Undercarriage  425 Coil Tyne
401 Double Disc Unit

AD240 Direct Drill


The  AD240 is your best choice for simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. Easily sow wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, plus grasses for pasture renovation in a straightforward machine.

Row Spacings  125mm or 150mm

Working Width  3m, 3.6m or 3.5m

Capacity  605L or 710L

Undercarriage   425 Coil Tyne

AD730 Direct Drill


Designed alongside farmers like you and packed with a long list of innovative features. Agrowplow didn’t just build a seed drill to be stronger, they also built a more productive machine – the AD730.

Row Spacings  225mm or 175mm

Working Width  4.05m, 4.95m, 3.5m, 4.2m or 4.9m

Capacity  From 775L up to 1080L

Undercarriage  552 HD Spring Tyne 251 Spring Tyne 401 Double Disc


Deep Tillage Range

Your compact ripper for paddock renovation of pastures, cereals, and horticulture crops. The 100x100x9mm RHS steel frame has the strength you need and the #9 Hybrid Shank Assembly shatters hardpan compaction up to 400mm deep.

Drawbar Power up to 140hp

Working Width  1.65m or 2.31m

Shank Style  #8-9 Hybrid Shank Assembly

Shank Spacing  330mm


Deep Tillage Range

Your compact ripper for paddock renovation of pastures, cereals, and horticulture crops. Prepare the perfect seedbed with the AP31 deep ripper. Shatter subsurface compaction wherever you find it without soil inversion and maintain soil microbiology.

Drawbar Power  up to 180hp.

Working Rows  225mm or 175mm

Shank Style  #8-9 Hybrid Shank Assembly

Shank Spacing  330, 500, or 750mm


Deep Tillage Range

Shatter deep compacted hardpans up to 450mm for mid-size farming. Behind the release of the AP51 was a desire to develop a mid-size plow featuring our newest style shank assembly and the same built strength that matched the largest of our deep rippers.

Drawbar Power  up to 330hp.

Working Width  3.42m or 4.18m

Shank Style  #9 Shank Assembly

Shank Spacing  380mm


Deep Tillage Range

Now built even tougher, the Agrowplow AP71 series deep ripper offers excellent soil renovation with a 200x200x9mm frame and working widths up to 6m, making it suitable for contractors and broadacre farming applications.

Drawbar Power  up to 450hp.

Working Width  4.49m or 6m

Shank Style  #9 Shank Assembly

Shank Spacing  409mm or 400mm


Deep Tillage Range

The smarter deep ripper for broadacre enterprises. Boost crop yields hectare after hectare with efficient hardpan shattering up to 600mm deep, allowing deep moisture retention and healthier plant root development.

Drawbar Power  up to 690hp

Working Width  9m or 12m

Shank Style  #9 Shank Assembly

Shank Spacing 529mm or 522mm


Deep Tillage Range

The efficient deep ripper for broadacre enterprises. Improved towing capabilities and reduced ripper costs with trailing/leading tyne configurations.

Drawbar Power  from 350hp to over 500hp

Working Width  6m, 9m or 12m

Shank Style  #9 Shank Assembly

Shank Spacing  545mm, 529mm or 522mm

Flexi Roller

Soil FInishers

This adaptable tool is easily implemented in both primary and secondary tillage operations and seeding operations. Uneven soil is no problem for the Flexi-Roller. The independent roller rings allow the Flexi-Roller to follow the earth’s contours, providing maximum ground contact and ensuring the best possible seedbed finish, regardless of the soil conditions.

Trailing Option  Working Width 2.5m to 5.25m

CAT3 3 point linkage Working width 8, 9.14 and 12m

Rubber Type Roller

Soil Finishers

A simple, cost-effective way to achieve a firm, consistent seedbed finish. The collection of solid rubber tyres presses firmly into the ground following seeding with enough weight to distribute the gentle compaction evenly across flat paddocks.

Rubber Tyre Rollers are available in a range of working widths to suit your machine, from 1.85m to 4.55m

Simple, cost effective way to achieve a firm consistent seed bed finish.

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