MIZAR/F Mulcher

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  • Category 1 & 2 linkage headstock
  • 3 lower link pin positionsaccommodates various tractor sizes
  • Slotted top link clevis for floating operation
  • Head-stock can be mounted in two positions for Centre and 40cm Offsetpositions
  • 3-way headstock support with tie-rod
  • Retractable Parking stand


  • 540 PTO rpm gearbox input
  • Gear box, driveline, body and rotor rated to 95 hp
  • Free wheel in gearbox so that on disengaging the PTO, the mulching rotor winds down without driving through the gear box and PTO drive shaft
  • The Rotor is driven by 4 belts (3 belts up to the 155 cm width model)
  • Heavy duty 168mm diameter rotor for strength


  • Rotor spins on self-aligning bearingswith high radial load capacity ideal for the forces created by drive belts and the mulching operation.
  • The bearing is mounted within the rotor with labyrinth protection resisting the entry of debris for longer life.
  • Internal bearings gives a flat end plate for mulching up close to trees and obstacles.


  • The cut-away drawing shows the combination of hammers and counter blades working together to produce an excellent mulching environment
  • Hammers operate at over 2280 rpm for ahigh tip speed to produce a fine mulch of woody prunings or grass alike
  • Optional Rear rake tines retains prunings within the mulcher chamber to produce a finer mulch
  • Double counter blades resist the flow of larger material allowing hammers to produce a finer mulch
  • Rear rake tines retains prunings within the mulcher chamber to produce a finer mulch

  • Twin plate construction produces 3 box-section areas in the body for superb body stiffness and strength and lower noise
  • To reduce body dents that initiate rust and accelerate deterioration, the twin plates also provide an inner skin to take the hard impacts reducing outer skin dents.

  • The hammer is forged and heat treated from high-grade steel and hardened
  • The hanging bolt is embedded into the hanging point for protection and to prevent spinning and unnecessary wear
  • The use of genuine Celli blades, hammers and bolts are essential forsafety, performance and protection of the mulcher

  • The slotted rear box section shows where the pruning rake tines are inserted
  • The body end plates are protected by aheavy duty skid
  • Skids provide primary protection of the body end plates and are not intended to be the means of height control
  • A rear roller (or optional wheels) are the best method of cutting height control


  • A large 194mm diameter rear rollerwith scraper provides mulcher height control
  • The Roller’s bearings are protected against grit and debris by a double-Z labyrinth for longer bearing life
  • Bearings for rear rollers need good protection for long life
  • The bearings are mounted on the inside of the skids to also reduce damage from collisions



  • Vineyards interrow grass cutting and mulching of prunings
  • General grass cutting and topping
  • Prunings up to 45mm
  • Vineyards interrow grass cutting and mulching of prunings
  • Orchards (Fruit and Nut)
  • General grass cutting and topping
  • Road side maintenance
  • Prunings up to 70mm


  • Rear semi-swivel wheel kits in lieu of roller
  • Side-mounted hydraulic disk mower
  • Front-mounted hydraulic sweeper
  • Tri-Y Blades in lieu of Hammers



Working Width (m) 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50
Overall Width (m) 1.68 1.93 2.18 2.43 2.68
No. of Hammers 14 16 18 20 22
Weight (kg) 500 550 600 650 700
Tractor Power (hp) 45-80 50-90 55-90 60-90 70-90


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