Bobcat 3400DS UTV

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  • Lockable Rear Differential, 4WD, Gear Selector R‐N‐L‐H, 4 Wheel Independent Suspension
  • Sealed CVT Cover, Headlights, Tail/Brake Lights
  • Headrests, Park Brake, Beverage Holders, Storage Compartment with Door
  • Tilt Steering, Dash‐Mounted Hour Meter,3‐point Seat Belts
  • 4‐point ROPS

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Overall Length / Width / Height 2,870mm / 1,524mm / 1,905mm
Operating Weight 730kg
Travel Speed High / Low / Reverse 48kmh / 23.5kmh / 26kmh
Fuel / Fuel Tank Capacity / Horsepower Diesel / 34.1L / 24.8HP @ 18.5kW
Cargo Box Length / Width / Height 927mm / 1,372mm / 292mm
Vehicle Rated Capacity / Towing Capacity 726kg / 680kg